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Italian Destination Wedding
For many people the wedding day is something that has been dreamt about from a young age, with beautiful dresses, horse-drawn carriages, amazing castles and naturally Prince Charming. So after having done the hard work and found your Prince Charming, the Bestweddingaway team are here to help turn the dream of your big day into a real and memorable one for you and your guests.
We only work with high quality professionals that have decades of experience. You can relax in the knowledge that when you get married in Italy using the Bestweddingaway team that through our extremely rigid and demanding requirements all suppliers have to meet the following crucial criteria before they can work with us:
  • To have an established, successful track record – proof is required
  • To be in a sound financial position – so there is not the risk of going out of business before a wedding
  • To have third party liability insurance for the products and services they offer
This search and qualify process started a year before our go-live date and it is a continual and ongoing process for existing and new suppliers. We know it requires a lot of time and dedication to help create the perfect wedding package. We take pride in surrounding ourselves with people and businesses who are specialists in their respective fields to help ensure your dream day becomes a reality.
Whatever your preferences are for your wedding day we have sourced suppliers, conducted research, collected information, explored wedding locations, and brainstormed wedding ideas to give you the freedom to run with your wedding dreams. Whether you dream of a nature inspired wedding on Lake Garda or a Romeo & Juliet influenced wedding in Verona, we have all the wedding ideas and suppliers you need and would love to make the dream come true.

Wedding reception

We offer many different wedding moods and atmospheres to help bring alive your idea of a wedding in Italy and your perfect day. If you dreamt of a reception in a rustic agriturismo eating pigs cooked on a spit, or having a medieval banquet in a castle, or having an elegant 5 course dinner in a villa, we have found backdrops to suit all your visions of that perfect wedding. What makes us unique is that we do not reproduce the same format over and over again. Each proposal is tailor-made to you and your desires, this is because we call you, have a chat and get to know you so we can better understand your needs and meet them.
All of our wedding reception venues and caterers have been specifically chosen for their professionalism, reliability, and have years of experience with Italian and foreign weddings. They have meticulous knowledge of Italian traditions, and understand the different tastes of people from different nationalities to ensure they meet their expectations.
Depending on the budget and taste of the wedding couple, wedding receptions in Italy can take many different forms, styles, locations and furnishings. Receptions are held in restaurants, villas, palaces, rustic or elegant agriturismo, castles to name but a few ideas. Due to the vast array of choice that we offer there is naturally a vast array of budgets that we cater for, please contact us for more details on what we can provide.

Civil ceremony music and wedding reception entertainment

At Bestweddingaway we understand that music is key for creating the special mood on your wedding day. For the ceremony we can arrange music from an array of professional and talented musicians, from singers, pianists, violinists, instrumental duets and quartets, harpist and even an accordionist if requested.
For the music at your wedding reception, whether your passion is live music such as a jazz or rock band, female vocalist, acoustic guitarist or a DJ, we can satisfy any of your request. Playlists from musicians can be arranged prior to the event and can be provided upon request. Please do not forget to let us know what song you would like for your first dance!


Some brides like vintage cars or horse drawn carriages, an adventurous soul may choose horseback. Depending on the location of the wedding if you want to arrive at the ceremony by limousine, an old Fiat 500, gondola, or Vespa then this can be arranged. It is also possible to organise taxi’s, minibus’s or coach transport for all of your guests to the wedding ceremony location, reception, and back to their accommodation at the end of the day.

Wedding flowers

Flowers add that extra special detail to any wedding. The Bestweddingaway team are able to offer important advice to brides while choosing floral arrangements and bouquets. In order to enhance locations for the ceremony and reception it is important to always consider the time of year, location, colours and bridal theme when selecting your wedding flowers. From our design experience and that of our specially selected florists, we can create any theme you desire for your wedding from the flamboyant to the elegant, or if you’re just looking for a simple cost effective solution that is possible too.

The wedding cake

An all important part of the day is the cutting of the cake. Wedding cakes in Italy differ slightly to the traditional British iced fruit cake. At Bestweddingaway we can help you find the cake of your dreams, whether you are looking for a multi-tiered creation, something simple and elegant, or a traditional Italian wedding cake we can ensure your requirements are met. A unique approach which we have seen work well is to have the cake prepared and decorated in front of the guests. Please contact us for more information.


Favours are known in Italian as ‘confetti’ and these are normally sugared almonds wrapped in elegant fabric. Traditionally the new couple will give guests five sugared almonds to signify; health, long life, fertility, happiness and wealth. Additionally traditional Italian weddings may see the married couple give their guests ‘bomboniere’ at the end of the wedding day, which are little presents thanking the guests for their company and gifts, ideas for bomboniere include a candle, fans with the couple’s initials, a photo frame or plate. Please see our online shop for further ideas. If you are looking to follow British traditions, or go all out on the Italian theme,the Bestweddingaway team look forward to getting creative and helping you personalise your day.

Wedding photography and video

The photographers we use have many years experience in wedding photography and are able to offer a variety of different styles. The Bestweddingaway team will help ensure that the day is captured in the way you want so you can relive your wedding through your wedding album to remember your special day again and again for years to come. It is possible for couples to have their wedding album ready and prepared before they go home or we can post it to you at a later date. Our video team are experienced in producing unique wedding films and in quality editing, you can choose the music you desire to accompany the film as well as have preference over the style and techniques they use to capture your wedding day.

Boat trips

If you choose to hold your wedding in Lake Garda it is possible to arrange a boat trip on the lake for you and your guests as part of the day. Additionally for those couples having a wedding in Venice we can arrange a boat trip through the Venetian canals to add that special touch to your wedding in Italy. These boat trips are normally suitable for small numbers or even just couples and include champagne.

Special effects for weddings

If you dreamt of leaving the wedding ceremony in a swirl of bubbles, or release white doves into the sky, or light Chinese lanterns that send messages of well wishes into the heavens, or finish the night with a firework display, then at Bestweddingaway we have an extraordinary special effects team on hand that will make your big day unforgettable, and that little bit different. Please contact us for more information and ideas.

Baby-sitting service

At some of our wedding locations it is possible to provide a baby-sitting service for couples or guests with children. The child minders will keep the children occupied with games and toys, leaving the big kids to get on with enjoying the day.

Wedding hair and make-up

Wedding hair and make-up is a key concern for many brides and the Bestweddingaway team will ensure you meet with expert wedding hair and make-up stylists a couple of days before your wedding to do a rehearsal of colours and styles that you are interested in. The first class hair and make up team are experienced in different skin and hair types and will find the perfect solution to give your skin a bridal glow and leave your hair beautifully styled.

Fair Trade

Environmentally conscious couples can choose certain elements of their wedding to use ‘Altromercato,’ Italy’s equivalent of Fair Trade. You can have your coffeebombonierewedding album and many more bought from Altromercato giving others a helping hand.

Further information

Above is a sample of things the Bestweddingaway team can arrange for you to make your dream destination wedding a reality. For more wedding ideas for your marriage ceremony in Italy or the wedding venue do not hesitate to contact us to get an idea of what your dream wedding abroad could be like.