Destination Wedding Planing – Venice, Italy

Destination Wedding Planning in Venice, Italy

Venice Weddings – Italy Destination Weddings

The gentle warm breeze escorts the bride as makes her way down the famous Canale Grande by boat. Waved on by well wishers she arrives at her destination pausing just for a moment to take in the beautiful sight of the Rialto Bridge and other historical buildings. Tourists in the area who were admiring the scenery have stopped to admire the bride in her breathtaking wedding dress and her elegant flowers.

She walks into the wedding ceremony to meet her groom. He smiles and love immediately fills the air. The couple exchange their vows in front of the delighted guests in a room overlooking the meandering canals.  Afterwards the couple leave the palace and head to the reception by a traditional Venetian Gondola. A romantic journey sees the couple passing through narrow canals whilst tourists take their photos and shout congratulations to them in their local tongue. Eventually they arrive at the palace and are greeted by their guests, who champagne in hand, toast the newly married couple. The guests and the wedding couple recount their stories of the magical ceremony whilst sampling the mouthwatering canapés. After a while the party makes it’s way to the ‘piano nobile’ (the noble, first floor) where they are invited to sit down for the wedding breakfast. The palace room is a glow from the magnificent candelabras hanging from the ceiling complete with real candles. The room is a buzz with the sound of laughter and happiness. Another toast is made to the bride and grooms health and happiness before they cut the cake. Music and dancing follow before fireworks over the Grand Canal bring the evening to a spectacular end.  Afterwards the couple return to their hotel room, relaxed and more in love than ever before thanks to the intoxicating atmosphere of Venice.

Destination Wedding Planning in Venice, Italy

A dreamy location for a dream wedding

As you arrive in Venice you can’t help but be captivated by the mystery and magic of this great city. Although it is not a particularly large city, Venice is home to some of the finest art and architecture in the world. What makes it even more remarkable and intriguing is the fact that this city appears as if it is floating.  In truth it is actually down to the complex engineering below the water which ensures this city does not float away or sink. The city has played an important role throughout the centuries and has many tales to tell. So why not let it play an important part in your life and hold your dream destination wedding in Venice?


Monuments and memories for a romantic wedding

The starting point for many visitors to Venice is Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) in the heart of Venice. Surrounded by magnificent buildings on all sides you will not know where to look first.  If you feel a little overwhelmed why not enjoy a glass of prosecco at one of the bars in the square and watch the world pass you by. As you admire the architecture you can appreciate why Napoleon called the Piazza San Marco “the finest drawing room in Europe.” The accompanying live music of the bar serenades it’s customers and adds to the atmoshere.  Until recently it was common to see tourists feed the pigeons but as they began to out-number the visitors, the council decided to ban the feeding of these pesky birds.

The city is home to many events and festivals throughout the year. One traditional event which attracts a lot of visitors to Piazza San Marco is the Volo della Colombina (Flight of the Dove) which usually occurs on Shrove Tuesday and celebrates the first day of Carnevale (Carnival of Venice). This event involves a young lady dressed in traditional costume from the 16th Century adorned with angel wings standing at the top of the Campanile di San Marco (the bell tower) some 100 meters in the air. She then glides down a wire across the Piazza to the balcony in the Palazzo Ducale (Doges Palace) whilst confetti and balloons fill the air. The city is also home to the Venice Film Festival, the big red carpet event is held each year at the end of August and attracts top movie stars and directors.

One of the most notorious bridges in Venice is the Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) which stretches magnificently over the Canal Grande (Grand Canal). This famous bridge is lined with shops on either side to tempt tourists with the finest Italian leather goods, jewellery, Murano glass and of course Venetian masks. Gifts from this grand bridge are transported back to friends and family all over the world as momentos of their loved ones visit to this magical city.


Wedding venues influenced by the regal and religious

The Basilica di San Marco (St Mark’s Basilica) is a majestic building which was built to celebrate God in all his glory as well as being a continued presence thanking Saint Mark for his gospel.  The beauty of this building both internally and externally represent the wealth and strength of this magnificent city and it is reflected in the choice of materials used in the creation of this structure. The four majestic horses made from bronze positioned on the balcony of the Basilica watch over the city and all it’s inhabitants.


Gondola magic for your wedding in Venice

As Venice is car free, boats are the main mode of transport. Gondolas were once a common mode of transport for locals to navigate the narrow waters of this city, however nowadays Gondolas are mostly used by tourists from all over the world to experience Venice from a different perspective and at a slower pace. As the gondoliers pass by each other they chatter in local dialects, as well as pointing out the sights to their passengers. With true skill they guide the long boat through the narrow water alleys, under distinguished bridges and past magnificent palaces. This enchanting journey allows you to capture the sights, sounds and the smells of Venice and gives you an experience of a life in a time long ago but not forgotten.

Part of the charm of Venice is appreciating how life is lived on water with no cars and watching locals go about their daily life. In the morning, deliveries are made by large boats instead of being transported by truck. However as in road traffic there is often the odd roadblock on the narrow canals so you will often hear the exchange of voices to ensure the path is cleared. Water buses pick up the commuters on their way to work and fire engines in boats rush past at speed to get to the emergency. Everything in Venice is adapted to accommodate the day-to-day life of the residents and business owners.