Destination Wedding Planning At The Italian Lakes

Italian Lakes Weddings – Italy

As the bride walks out onto the lake on the hotel jetty, she is assisted into the beautiful, wooden motorboat complete with a white ribbon. Riding over the calm lake water with rainbows dancing in the boat’s wake she arrives at the palatial villa and hears the unmistakable music from a string quartet.  The music dances through the air, over the magnificent stone balcony, twisting and flowing like the ivy which decorates the loggia. The handsome groom, waits under an arch of flowers and silk, frequently looking round for his bride expectantly. The bride makes her entrance and walks down the aisle smiling at the many guests to stand with her future husband.  During the ceremony the views out onto the lake create a unique backdrop for such a magical moment. The sparkling blue water, the vivid green of the vegetation of the opposing shoreline, the pastel yellow and creams of the balcony, all generate a dreamy and exceptional accompaniment to the ceremony. After the exchange of vows the couple exchange a tender kiss which is met by cheers of delight from their guests.

Aperitifs are served on the manicured lawn with unrivalled views over the lake. The guests walk on the narrow paths bordered by jasmine with marble statues intermittantly breaking up the wall of flowers. After nibbling on canapés and sipping Italian champagne, dinner is served in a stylish open sided marquee. Upon entering the marquee, the sweet fragrance of the fresh flowers decorating the tables fills the air. As the sun goes down over the mountains an elaborate candlelit 5 course dinner takes the wedding party on a gastronomic journey. In the evening after much merriment and dancing, the wedding party take the lantern-lined path down to the jetty where the wooden motorboat awaits. As the bride and groom make their way back to the hotel, they stand on the deck of the boat watching the moon’s reflection in the water and exchange a look of love, bringing to an end a truly memorable day.


Lake Como weddings

Lake Como Italy

Lake Como is seen by many as being the most beautiful of the Italian lakes with its dramatic mountains surrounding the lake. Lake Como has many exclusive villas gracing it’s shores which over the years have been the home of aristocrats, politicians and more recently, celebrities. People who have or have had homes along these beautiful shore lines include George Clooney, Madonna, Gianni Versace and Richard Branson. Many villas are available for private hire for events or dream weddings!


Palace weddings – Lake Como

This lake is particularly special due to its many artistic and cultural jewels. The homes dotted along the shore line are home to beautiful outstanding pieces of art. The villas and palaces are also home to magnificent gardens which are attended to daily.  The beautiful terraces and spectacular loggias offer the best vantage points from where to admire Lake Como’s outstanding natural beauty. The delicate flowers with their bright colours juxtapose the strong stone of balconies of the impressive palaces. The mild year round climate allows tropical plants to thrive and ensures the gardens are constantly enveloped in sweet floral scents. Lake Como truly offers couples with a mixture of sophistication, glamour and elegance where the dramatic surroundings are complemented by the impressive architecture.


Weddings at Bellagio – Lake Como

Bellagio is often called the ‘Pearl of Lake Como’ and it is easy to understand why with it’s exceptional postion on Lake Como offering unrivalled views of all the surrounding area. This picturesque town is situated on the peninsula where the 3 branches of the lake meet, and as a result it offers amazing views in all directions. The winding narrow roads balance on the rock edges as they sweep and twist chasing the lake edge. The flower of the lake, the rhododendron, can be found all around the lake in the magnificent gardens and even along the road side creating a colourful companion along the winding roads.

If it is peace and tranquility you desire on your visit to Bellagio you will find many romantic walks through the narrow alleyways or around the beautiful manicured Italian gardens which are home to some exotic and rare plants. The local restaurants offer some of the finest dining in this area of Italy and after dinner why not take a moonlit walk with your loved by the lakeside to admire the twinkling lights from the villages dotted along the shore line. Whatever you desire from your Wedding in Lake Como you are sure to find it in Bellagio Italy.


Lake Maggiore weddings

Lake Maggiore Italy - Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the longest lake in Italy stretching at the top into Switzerland. The long sinewy form of the lake allows for a real variety of scenery from the Alpine like scenery in the north where the Alps tower above the lake creating shadows on the water as the sun sets; to the gentle rolling hills in the middle of the lake which produce a less dramatic but equally beautiful surrounding before the hills give way to the flatter plains at the southern tip of the lake.  What strikes any person when they first see Lake Maggiore is its outstanding vegetation evident in the surrounding landscape. Each part of the lake offers something slightly different and unique for you wedding in Italy.


Palace wedding venues

Lake Maggiore is dotted with small islands which house some of the most important and splendid palaces that Italy has to offer. The Borromean Islands in particular are home to 3 of the most stunning islands, Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Isola Bella is home to a spectacular palace and gardens which have captivated many with it’s magnificence, in fact Caroline of Brunswick ,the Princess of Wales is said to have been so taken with the islands she tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade the Borromeo family to sell them to her.  Isola dei Pescatori is the only inhabitated island of the three islands with a population of a little over 200 people, however it is home to a thriving fishing village.


Outdoor weddings

Many Italian estates line the water’s edge in Maggiore and offer beautifully kept botanical gardens which are home to some of nature’s treasures. The mild year round climate allow a great variety of plant species to thrive and the true plant enthusiasts will appreciate the greenhouses filled with exotic plants and flowers. Many gardens are open to the public so that people from all over the world can come to admire the immaculately trimmed hedges, take in the intoxicating scent of the exotic flowers and walk along the winding stone paths which are bordered by marble statues dedicated to Roman gods. The water in the fountains dance and play tricks with the sunlight creating rainbows, whilst the birds sing from their lofty positions taking each visitor on a journey of the senses. Each of the magnificent gardens along the waters edge offers unrivalled views of the lake and surrounding mountains, making it a truly outstanding location for a wedding in Italy.

Art and music for your wedding

In fact it is at this prestigious lake where the ‘Settimane Musicali di Stresa’ festival has been held for over 50 years. Fans and internationally renowned artists of classical music meet here every year for Europe’s largest classical music festival. For lovers of classical music and the arts this festival is a must as you get to hear some of the finest classical music whilst taking in the breathtaking surroundings of some of the most prestigious and important villas and palaces that Italy has to offer. These villas have hosted some important figures from the past and present, including the likes of Napolean and his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais, Ernest Hemingway and Edward Gibbon. Each location is chosen to complement the concert being given and their position on the lake front means that almost all are best reached by boat making the journey and arrival even more spectacular. What is more, many of these incredible locations are available for a beautiful Italian lake wedding!


Lake Orta weddings

Lake Orta Lago Orta Italy Weddings

For visitors to Lake Orta some may be disappointed at it’s size compared to it’s larger sister lakes Como and Maggiore however it does have all the fascination and history of these lakes concentrated into a smaller space. It is seen by many locals and tourists as a quietly treasured jewel, with its beautiful surroundings complimented by a wealth of Romanesque and Baroque treasures. In fact the charming village of Orta San Giulio is listed as one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy so it has to be worth a visit. The buildings around the small piazza are covered with frescoes which have been lovingly painted, the arches supported by strong stone columns and the wrought iron balconies which have been skillfully twisted, are all elements that make this fairytale village a captivating wedding location.

As Lake Orta is not inundated with tourists, a visit to this village and its island is intimate, peaceful and romantic. The palaces and buildings dotted around the lake are best seen by boat and the calm water offers a gentle and relaxing way to travel. For those with strong arm muscles you can even hire a rowing boat. Or for those wanting others to take the strain a local guide can take charge of the rowing while you sit back, relax and watch the world go by as the rhythmic lapping of the water takes you into a hypnotic admiration for the world which surrounds you. What better destination for an intimate, traditional Italian wedding?