The Wedding Scene In Greece

Wedding scene: Greece

Greece has some spectacular locations and some amazing wedding venues. Many people come to the Greek islands for their honeymoon but since the opportunity has opened up for foreigners to get married here there has been a steady flow of romantic couples wanting to say ‘I do’ in this beautiful country. Discover why Greece is an ideal location for a wedding for foreigners.


Tastes of Greece

Greek_Landscape_SantoriniIts unique food is one of the things which sets Greece apart. Whilst you are in Greece you are in for some wonderful culinary surprises. Contrary to popular belief you will soon discover that Greek cuisine does not solely consist of moussaka, souvlaki kebabs and Greek salad.

Greek cuisine has a great variety of dishes providing a satisfying culinary adventure for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. It could not be otherwise in the country that gave birth to Symposiums and Epicureanism. Greece has a culinary tradition dating back 4,000 years and is a real symbol of its civilisation. In fact it was Archestratos in 330 B.C., who wrote one of the first cookbooks called Hedypatheia (Pleasant Living or Life of Luxury). Nevertheless, like most national cuisines, Greek cuisine has evolved through embracing new ideas from its easterly and westerly neighbours.


Apart from giving birth to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and festivity, Greece is also the birthplace of the first VQPRD (Quality Wine Produced in Determined Regions) wines in history. The wines from the islands of Chios and Thassos were renowned all over the ancient world. Due to various historical and social reasons, as well as various natural disasters, the art of wine-making was overlooked from the middle of the nineteenth century until the early nineteen sixties.

The ancient traditions of wine-making were rediscovered fairly recently which is why you will find increasing numbers of excellent Greek wines available which have been produced from all areas in Greece. Along with the ancient traditions Greek wine has also made tremendous improvements due to serious investments in modern wine making technology. The new generation of Greek winemakers are being trained in the best wine schools around the world and their efforts are paying off as Greek wines are again being recognised as some of the best in the world, winning top awards in international competitions.

One reason Greek wine is so prosperous is due to the fact that there are over 300 indigenous grape varieties grown there, some of which have been cultivated since ancient times. This gives a distinct advantage to the Greek wine industry especially as there is such a unique flavour from some of these native grape varieties. The extensive variety of grapes grown here together with the moderate Greek climate, plentiful sunshine, low  rainfall and fertile soils, all combine to provide an excellent environment for the production of high quality wines.

Greece in cinema: Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia, the modern day musical based on ABBA songs is by far the most successful movie ever shot in Greece. The film is a light hearted romance story set against a backdrop of Skopelos, Skiathos, and the Pelion peninsula, it even features a typical Greek wedding. Millions of people have seen and loved the movie, in fact it has inspired many more people to plan a “Mamma Mia!” trip or even have their wedding in Greece.


Captain Correlli’s Mandolin

This film based on the internationally best selling book by Louis de Bernières features Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz. The film depicts Cephalonia during World War II and is loosely a fact-based action-romance story. However true fans of Greece will be watching the movie’s real star, the island itself captured in all its beauty. The detailed reconstruction of Argostoli seen in the film, which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1953 attracted the admiration of Cephalonians due to its likeness.


Le Grand Blue

This film by top director Luc Besson depicts the sporting rivalry between two free divers. As the film required stunning clear waters it was a natural choice to set most of the film in Greece, using the island of Amorgos, situated at the northernmost end of the Cyclades islands between Naxos, the Small Cyclades and Astipalea. The island of Amorgos is famous for its archaeological wealth, stunning architecture and local customs.


The Greek wedding landscape

Greece has a unrivalled attraction in its meeting of land and sea which creates an intricate complex pattern of islands, inlets, gulfs, and bays. The colours you see around you when in Greece invigorate your senses – whether it is the deep blue sea, or the endless blue sky, the whitewashed buildings, or the burnt-orange of tiled roofs they all contribute to a quality of light that is unique.

The Greek landscape is known not only for its beauty but also for its variety, with three main elements dominating.

Greek_Wedding_Landscape_The first is the sea: crystal clear water and the rocky headlands and peninsulas extend out to sea as island arcs and archipelagos.

 The country’s second landscape element is its mountainous terrain: you may be surprised to learn that roughly three quarters of Greece is mountain terrain. There are a series of mountain chains on the Greek mainland, running northwest to southeast, which enclose narrow parallel valleys and numerous small basins that once held lakes.

River and coastal plains, interior valleys and basins, form the the third dominant feature of the Greek landscape, the lowlands. Its warm sunny plains lends itself to growing beautiful flora.