The Wedding Scene In Italy

Wedding Scene: Italy

Italy has some of the most spectacular wedding venues and locations in Europe. Many newlyweds come here for their honeymoon and ever since the opportunity has opened up for foreigners to get married here, there has been a steady flow of romantic couples wanting to say their vows in Italy’s beautiful countryside. Find out why Italy is the ideal place for a wedding for foreigners.


Food and wine

Italy is famous for its culinary delights. Not only simple pizza and pasta, but also creative cooking is becoming extremely popular amongst young Italians looking to experience Italian flavour with new methods and inspirations.

Italy offers wine lovers a diverse selection of wines, ranging from small local vineyards to the large companies that sell abroad. These differences allow you to experience how culture, terroir and techniques can influence the final product that tantalizes your senses.

Italian architecture

Architecture has a big influence on Italian culture and feeds the dreams and imaginations of any couple searching for that perfect place that expresses their love. Italians love and appreciate beauty which is why even young Italians have a basic knowledge of the styles and architecture that surround them, proud of their roots and past. Italian architecture spans from the Roman era to contemporary art-influenced design scattered sparingly across the landscape, and which also shows clearly in interior design.

Art, culture and style

In Italy, culture and art are protected not only by local communities but also by the government. The tradition of street markets is still very strong. Once a month antique markets are held in villages, towns and cities across Italy, with long forgotten treasures just waiting to be found. Numerous festivals are held in different towns throughout the year. There are so many different and old traditions and fairs spread across towns, cities and villages in Italy, that local councils now use modern technology to communicate all this information. Websites from local councils inform the people of all upcoming events, no matter how large or small, to keep that community spirit alive. There are often various art exhibitions fixed in cities all across Italy but also those that travel, visiting even small cities like Verona.

Italians are recognised for their style. They are chic, fashionable, stylish and their well-cared appearance is unmistakable. For those who love clothes, Italy offers a wide range of styles to suit the trend-follower to the more classically dressed person and with prices to suit a wide variety of budgets.

Beautiful wedding landscape

Italy’s landscape is distinctive but also has particularly distinguishable panoramas, from the impressive Alps, to the dry Sicilian hills, nature offers countryside’s for all tastes. There are national parks with indigenous species and natural wildlife, Parks with exotic flowers arranged on breathtaking landscapes, lakes and coastal spots to relax and enjoy yourself and beaches where you can soak up the warm Mediterranean sun rays.


Wedding location: Italy

The mix and variety of flavours, influences and inspirations give you an original and unique approach to getting married in Italy. Getting a good idea of your dreams and combining them with Italian traditions creates an exhilarating ambience and harmonious chemistry. While you discover the heart of Italy, warmth and spirit will create a magical and emotional feeling that binds to the heart of those who walk in Italy’s historic landscape. Blending fantasy and fiction, adding a hint of the real and a pinch of the remarkable, can be just the perfect ingredients to make your day a big success.


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